Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I am very happy to announce that in a couple of weeks I will be delivering a talk at the Intensive Programme on Sport Performance: a Lifespan Challenge (IP-SPALC) in Rome (Italy).

The first thing that I would like to say is a BIG THANK YOU to the organising committee, especially to Professor Antonio Tessitore who invited me to participate.

The IP-SPALC will take place at the University of Rome “Foro Italico” (Italy), which is the city’s 4th state university, as well as the only Italian and one of the few European vocational universities entirely devoted to sport and exercise science. The University is the direct heir of the Italian Sport Academy, established in 1928, and it is located in the monumental area of “Foro Italico” in Rome, where some of the city’s most famous sport structures are based.

Quoting the event’s coordinator Laura Capranica’s message: “The Intensive Programme on Sport Performance: a Lifespan Challenge (IP-SPALC) is designed to provide an overview of the sport performance as a multidisciplinary structure, which reflects and depends on relevant technical, physiological, psychological, ethical, political, economical, organizational and legislative aspects.

The IP-SPALC will develop interdisciplinary communication for constant involvement of the findings (sharing competences) and a multidisciplinary educational approach (i.e., the same problem observed from different disciplinary points of view), integrating theoretical (morning lectures) and practical competences (afternoon workshops) to deal, at research and/or intervention level, with the complexities of sport performance.

The quality of the program will be guaranteed by the involvement of Faculty and Research Units from Institutions internationally recognized for educational excellence and scientific merits, and the partnership with private stakeholders in the sport area.”

The IP-SPALC will last two weeks with an intense and fantastic programme that will cover areas such as “New fronteirs in sport sciences”, “Neuromuscular function of human performance: from laboratory to field research”, “Research issues for succesful aging”, “Designing and implementing sport interventions” or “Amateur and elite sport performance”, and will have keynote speakers like Carl Foster (University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, USA), Jan Cabri (Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Norway), Giuseppe de Vito (University College, Dublin), Rade Durbaba (Northumbria University, UK), John Shea (Indiana University, USA) and Antonio Figueiredo (University of Coimbra, Portugal), among others.

Regarding my presentation, the talk will be entitled “Periodisation & training load control in futsal” and it will be part of the seminar “Research issues for talent detection”, which will be held at the amazing San Francesco’s Roman Church in Capranica (Viterbo, Italy).

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