Wednesday 21 February 2018



More than 3 years ago Kevin Bryant reached out to present me an old project he had. Kevin basically offered me to jump on his project... what he still calls “early ramblings” and I called “a superb guide” ended up in this eBook where Kevin and I combined different drafts that we both had. More than 24 months ago Kevin could have published this book on his own; however he waited patiently, never rushed me, always hoping that after all my journeys with the England futsal team and my adventures around the world I found time to finish it. Never demanding anything and for this reason I will always be grateful.

Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno


When I started this book little could be found on the Internet about futsal/football coaching, during the intervening years there has been an explosion of information. Even with this explosion I believe this eBook has a niche different to others as it identifies the coach, parent and player trinity. Thirty five years I have observed my children and grandchildren progress, during the same period I have moved along the coach pathway always wondering what the Holy Grail to football development was.  It might be contained in that little word 'futsal'.

A special thank you to Doctor Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno who has taken the trouble to add his world renowned knowledge to my grass roots journey.

I trust this book aids your parent/player journey.

Kevin Bryant


Kevin and I would like to thank Guillermo Wallace (England Futsal and Prato Calcio-a-5 player) and Adrián Alonso Pereira “Pola” (Spain Futsal and Inter Movistar FS) for writing the preface and prologue of the book respectively . Both of them did it altruistically for their love to futsal and kids. We hope you find it helpful. Enjoy it!!!!

Title: Coaching Children In & Through Futsal: A Parent/Coach Guide

Authors: Kevin Bryant and Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno

Editor: Asociación Didáctica Andalucía

ISBN: 978-84-939866-6-7

Year: 2018

This eBook is completely free and you can download it from the following linkS:


  1. Simple mistake: free kicks from the 10 meter marks start with the SIXTH direct free kick per team per half - not the fifth direct free kick.

    1. Thank you very much Darrell for letting us know. That was a typo and it has been corrected. Thanks again!