Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I am glad to announce that on the 28th December 2013 the book based on my PhD Thesis was officially released. The book entitled “Female British Basketball: research studies into body composition, fitness level and training load” (ISBN: 978-84-939866-2-9) has been published by Asociación Didáctica Andalucía (Spain). 

This book is free and we hope you consider sharing it with the world. Please do so under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence 3.0. You can download the book here.

Finally, I would like to give a big thanks to Asociación Didáctica Andalucia, my publisher, and B&B Studio, who designed the cover, without whom there would be no book.

PhD Thesis Abstract

There is a huge amount of articles analysing the anthropometry of basketball players, the parameters of basketball, its physiological demands, and the fitness level of the teams. However, the vast majority of these studies focus on male basketball players. There are only a few studies working on British high-level female basketball teams. Therefore, the main objectives of this thesis will be to study the body composition and fitness level of English and British female basketball players, and to desing a tool for controlling and monitoring the training load in basketball (BATLOC Tool). This thesis will be a compilation of 6 articles published in international journals. The general results obtained from the six studies show that (a) there is no differences when it comes to use of the Bleep test or the Yo-Yo test in order to calculate the maximum oxygen uptake through an indirect method. (b) The sample analysed of British female basketball players (from grassroots to high level) had fitness level and body composition values lower than high-level female basketball teams from countries where basketball is more popular and better developed probably due to the big difference in the number of traininig hours per week performed. (c) The BATLOC tool seems to be a good method to control global internal training load in basketball. This method does not require any expensive equipment and may be very useful and convenient for coaches to monitor the internal training load of basketball players and plan a proper periodisation, since the fitness level of players involved in this study improved through the season.

Keywords: BMI, arm span, agility, speed, endurance, periodisation, team sports, RPE, heart rate.

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