Thursday, 21 June 2018


Very happy for this new professional experience. This time in Como (Italy) where Bay Area Futsal Club will lead a multilingual futsal camp (Spanish, English and Italian). The camp is co-organised and hosted by Cometa Associazione Sportiva. The camp will take place between Monday to Friday and is led by the international Spanish futsal coach Dr. Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno, currently coaching Bay Area Futsal Club (California, USA) and Luca Innocenti, former Italian U21 international futsal player.

Daniel and Luca have recruited an amazing group of coaches to support the camp and give the kids the best possible experience. The staff is made up (apart from Daniel and Luca) by:

  • Guillermo Wallace: England Futsal International Player. He has been playing for Union Africa Ceutí, Real Betis FSN and Prato Calcio-a-5. He is also the owner of the Wallace Futsal Academy.
  • Rob Morini: Founder and player for Bay Area Futsal Club (California, USA).
  • Abdesslam "Alessio Dinho" Benlamrabet: Italian U21 International Futsal player and Prato Calcio-a-5 player.
  • Victor Hugo Rodriguez: coach at Cometa Associazione Sportiva.

Once the camp is over, Dr. Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno will deliver during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) a Futsal Level 1 Certificate and a Futsal Level 2 Certificate. More information about this event can be found below.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


A lot is being talked about futsal, football and their relationship. Recently, we have published a scientific study that investigates the relationship which exits between the two sports, by providing the first ever combined historical rank of nations competing in futsal and football.

The study developed by Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and Bay Area Futsal Club (USA) researchers has been published in the American Journal of Sports Science and Medicine and can be downloaded completely free HERE.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018



More than 3 years ago Kevin Bryant reached out to present me an old project he had. Kevin basically offered me to jump on his project... what he still calls “early ramblings” and I called “a superb guide” ended up in this eBook where Kevin and I combined different drafts that we both had. More than 24 months ago Kevin could have published this book on his own; however he waited patiently, never rushed me, always hoping that after all my journeys with the England futsal team and my adventures around the world I found time to finish it. Never demanding anything and for this reason I will always be grateful.

Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno


When I started this book little could be found on the Internet about futsal/football coaching, during the intervening years there has been an explosion of information. Even with this explosion I believe this eBook has a niche different to others as it identifies the coach, parent and player trinity. Thirty five years I have observed my children and grandchildren progress, during the same period I have moved along the coach pathway always wondering what the Holy Grail to football development was.  It might be contained in that little word 'futsal'.

A special thank you to Doctor Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno who has taken the trouble to add his world renowned knowledge to my grass roots journey.

I trust this book aids your parent/player journey.

Kevin Bryant


Kevin and I would like to thank Guillermo Wallace (England Futsal and Prato Calcio-a-5 player) and Adrián Alonso Pereira “Pola” (Spain Futsal and Inter Movistar FS) for writing the preface and prologue of the book respectively . Both of them did it altruistically for their love to futsal and kids. We hope you find it helpful. Enjoy it!!!!

Title: Coaching Children In & Through Futsal: A Parent/Coach Guide

Authors: Kevin Bryant and Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno

Editor: Asociación Didáctica Andalucía

ISBN: 978-84-939866-6-7

Year: 2018

This eBook is completely free and you can download it from the following linkS:

Sunday, 24 December 2017



Bay Area Futsal Club was created in July 2017 to lead the development and growth of futsal in the Bay Area community and the whole United States. Bay Area Futsal Club aims to established itself as the leading futsal organisation in the state and the country by giving players the opportunity to have life enhanced experiences through this fantastic sport.

The Bay Area Futsal Club’s mission is to boost futsal in our Bay Area community by providing players an opportunity to play futsal delivered by professional, top-level international coaches, play high level futsal and develop their full potential in a long-term plan regardless of their financial situation. Our main goal is to use futsal to educate players in values that will help them in their future as people and citizens.

1. Youth Futsal Training Camps: Bay Area Futsal Club Training Camps are designed for players of all abilities, boys and girls, aged 7-23 years old. Bay Area Futsal Club run half day camps (9-12pm) or full day camps (9-4pm). We offer to travel to your club to deliver the Futsal Camp at your own facility. 

2. Monday Night Drop-In Clinic: Every Monday for the remainder of 2017 join us at Burlingamer Sports Center for a drop in youth clinic.Any skill level welcome on Mondays for ages 6 years - 12 years.  $10 each time you attend. 6pm-7pm - Recreational Level 7pm-8pm - Competitive level.

3. 1-on-1 Training: Our professional coaches organizer and run futsal specific training for beginning level to competitive level players. Contact our professional coaching team to set up your private training session

4. Futsal Coaching Clinic: Bay Area Futsal Club truly believe that ongoing coaching education and continuous professional development are key to develop players and citizens. One of our aims is provide top class futsal education accessible to every coach, parent, club or organization. Bay Area Futsal Club organize coaching clinics, workshops, seminars, courses, and mentoring programmes for coaches that are willing to learn more about futsal regardless their level or background. Bay Area Futsal Club organize these events all year round through the season but if your club or organization wish our services do not hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to give you advice and a specific proposal for your organization. 

    5. Bay Area Futsal Club Youth League 2018: Bay Area Futsal Club will be hosting a Winter Youth Futsal League at our partner Burlingamer Sports Center from January - March 2018. We are looking for competitive level teams (Premier/Gold level) to make this the highest level youth futsal league in the Bay Area.
    Important information:
    - Start date, January 6th 2018
    - 8 games in season - Top 2 go into championship after 8 weeks
    - Cost - $650
    - Ages: Boys and Girls U8, U10, U12
    - Location: Burlingamer Sports Center, Burlingame CA 94010

    6. Bay Area Futsal Club Winter Clinics 2018: Bay Area Futsal Club will be hosting a series of Winter Clinics at our partner Burlingamer Sports Center from January 7th - March 4th 2018. Sessions will be on Sundays at 3pm and 4pm. Please check the flyer below for more info and resgistration options.


    At Bay Area Futsal Club we are always looking for the right groups to partner with and continue our growth. We would like to thank all our partners below for getting involved and being a part of our clubs history.  

    1. CP Athletic Performance: Bay Area Futsal Club and CP Athletic Development have launched a Futsal development partnership. CPAD is a Bermuda based athletic development academy with a Futsal Academy program of over 60 members aged 6 to 27. This is an exciting alliance sprouting from two years of collaboration between respective head coaches Dr. Daniel Berdejo del Fresno and Peter Rickards. Spanish national, Coach Daniel is Head of Performance Futsal and men’s team Head Coach at BAFC. He delivered his Level 1 international Futsal certificate in Bermuda in 2016 and will return to the island in the fall of 2017 for the second phase.  
     The partnership will also includes:
    - Coaching & curriculum exchanges
    - Membership development opportunities
    - Assessment and grading strategies
    - Coaches certification
     CP Athletic Development Academy is committed to the continued progression of their members. On the heels of the success of their Alevin team at the World Futsal Championships last month, this partnership meets the Academy’s strategic objectives include increased global exposure and elevated learning environments. 

    2. Ginga Sport: has become the exclusive official provider of equipment to Bay Area Futsal Club. and Bay Area Futsal Club have agreed that will be the main provider of futsal equipment to all of our members in Bay Area Futsal Club. was set up in August 2006, originally to provide equipment and help develop the sport of futsal in the United Kingdom. Since then we have seen many developments in futsal, and lots of people now embrace the exciting sport. In this time has grown, as futsal has become more popular, to become the leading provider of futsal equipment in the United Kingdom. 
    In 2014, were able to provide a range of quality futsal products at reasonable prices including futsal balls, futsal kits, futsal goals, scoreboards and futsal surfaces. Their futsal balls are age specific and therefore designed for all ages from four to sixteen to ensure that young people are able to develop their skills using the most suitable sized futsal balls. They aim to support the grassroots development of futsal and also support futsal clubs to create sport specific environments using our unique sports surfaces provided by SportsPartner International.
    In 2015, started to sell and deliver futsal product to the USA through Amazon where they have built strong relationships with clubs and organisations. are always on the lookout for opportunities to support and develop futsal, therefore  they have decided to support a new team, with clear ideas and bright future, Bay Area Futsal Club.

    3. Wallace Futsal Academy is the leading futsal Academy in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, south of Spain) and have more than 100 kids playing futsal aged 8 to 14. Founded by Guillermo Wallace, a professional futsal player with more than 50 caps for the England National Futsal Team and currently playing in Italy, to give something back to his hometown community where he grew up and developed the futsal skills that made him to be the player that he is today.

    4. Burlingamer Sports Centre is Bay Area Futsal Club's official training center and home court. We consider ourselves very lucky to be partnering with Burlingamer Sports Center, the only true futsal facility in the Bay Area.
    This will be the location of all home games and training sessions throughout the season as well as the location of our Winter youth league.
    Thank you Burlingamer Sports Center, we hope to bring much success to our new home location!

    2107 REVIEW 

    When in July 2017 Lee Mitchell and Rob Morini explained their futsal proposal and offered me to be their Head of Performance and work with their adult team I could not reject it. Also, I could not imagine what we were going to achieve in just 6 months.
    We had 3 tryouts in August where we recruited 17 players (3 goalkeepers and 14 outfields players) with an age average of 25 years old, 5 of them U23. One of our aims was to recruit young players to teach them the real futsal game as the future of futsal in this country will be on them very soon.
    Bay Area Futsal Club vs. San Jose Legends Futsal at Burligamer on 16th December 2017. Last game of the year!!
    Since September, when we started the training sessions Bay Area Futsal Club players have had 32 practices, 4 friendly games (Toros FC, Futsal Without Borders, San Jose Legends Futsal away and San Jose Legends Futsal home) and the Menlo College Futsal Tournament where we registered 2 teams. I have to admit that it has been difficult, some times even frustrating as some of the players never played futsal before, but now, after looking back I have to admit that I am very proud of this group of players. On Saturday night, 16th December 2017, they delivered the game plan against San Jose Legends Futsal perfectly (see picture below). Of course, we still have a long way to go, but the improvements showed on the court since we started back in July 2017 have been massive.
    Pre-game plan delivered to the players in the morning of Saturday 16th December before the match against San Jose Legends Futsal.
     Now, we will enjoy a small break for Xmas where staff and players will recharge our batteries ready for the challenges awaiting for us in 2018:
    - US Futsal Northwest Regional Futsal Championship, March 2018 (San Jose, USA).
    - Pacific Rim International Futsal Cup, June 2018 (Hawaii, USA).
    - US Futsal National Championship, July 2018 (TBC, USA).
    - National League of Professional Futsal, March to August 2018 (USA).
    - An International Tournament most likely in Europe or Asia.

    Thank you very much Adam Chazin-Gray, Adonis Tuman (GK), Alberto Millan, Andres Palomo, Enzo Cabili, German Ariel Lopez, Hugo Conchas, Joao Felipe Costa, Joel Castro (GK), Josue Eliseo "Joey" Galvez, Lee Mitchell (C), Michael Cordoba Chaves, Miguel Moran, Pablo Perez, Rob Morini (C), Sergio Rivera and Victor Miramontes for letting me coach you. You all are doing great and if you wish we will achieve great things in futsal!

    Finally, I would like to thank to our main sponsor Ocean Honda of Burlingame for their help with our Club.
    Make sure you follow us on: 

    Wednesday, 1 November 2017


    Since I started my coaching career I have been always thinking about the different perceptions that players and coaches have about their level, their expectations, their commitment... which ultimately does not help to achieve the best out of them and consequently, the team. Recently, I have been working on a visual "Futsal Individual Performance Profile" that I would like to share with you. 

    Firstly, I decided the aspects that I wanted to assess on my players and that they will self-assess too. I used Google Form to collect all the information from my players. The questionaire was made up by very simple aspects that they had to value using a Likert scale between 0 to 10. Basically, all the aspects could be grouped in the fitness corner, the technical aspects and mental or psychological compartment.

    Second step was to present the data in a visual way that players could see easily where they have the strong points and where the weaknesses are (dips on the graph). At this point, you already have the data provided by the players and the ones given by you as a coach to every player, therefore you can see the diversity of opinions between players and coach.
    I decided to give every player their own self assessment results in a visual way so they could see them. Besides, I offered them to provide their self assessment with my assessment so they could see the differences. This was optional for the players as I know how sensitive some players could be when they are assessed. In the picture above, we can observe the player's values in blue and coach's values in red. Finally, I offered them the possibility to have 1-to-1 meetings with me to try to understand each other's opinions. For me, this is the most valuable part of the process... as you can learn a lot from your players at the same time they can learn from you. It is very interesting how some players overrate themselves and on the other hand how some players with low selfsteem are really hard with themselves. Also, I learnt that the players that really want to improve and go further in their career are given themselves low scores.

    To sum up, some players would like to compare themselves to the team, therefore a third line with the team average could be something worthy to add in the future.

    Monday, 16 October 2017


    Once again, a year later, I am very happy to return to Bermuda to help with several futsal projects. As Head of Performance for the Bay Area Futsal Club, I will be visiting the island to help in a futsal camp for kids and to deliver a couple of futsal coaching courses. 

    This is possible thanks to the friendship with Coach Pete Rickards, CEO and Founder of CP Athletic Development; and for partnering with Bay Area Futsal Club to deliver the events.

    Bay Area Futsal Club is focused to be an international leading futsal organisation and again it has showed its commitment to the cause participating in these events.

    CP Athletic Development is committed to the continued progression of their members (over 60 players aged 6 to 27). On the heels of the success of their Alevin team at the World Futsal Championships in August 2017 in Orlando, Florida (USA), this partnership meets the Academy’s strategic objectives include increased global exposure and elevated learning environments.

    • FITNESS & FUTSAL CAMP: Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October since 8:30am to 4pm at Somersfield Academy Gym. Please see bottom of the flyer for registration and info. Players will work on specific futsal techniques, tactics, fitness, social and psychological aspects of the sport in an enjoyable enviroment.

    • LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 COACHING CERTIFICATIONS: Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th October. 6 hours of content each certification with theoretical and training design. 
      • Futsal Coaching Certificate Level 1 will cover: futsal positions, the structure of the futsal game (offensive phase, defensive phase, offensive transition and defensive transition), a bit more detailed offensive and defensive phases with formations and systems, basics dualities and a practical part. Please see flyer below for more info.
      • Futsal Coaching Certificate Level 2 will cover: More than 20% of the goals scored in futsal are in transitions. Therefore, a team who master the offensive and defensive transitions will have a great advantage, this is the reason because our Level 2 will cover the offensive and defensive phases of the game.
      For more info please see flyer below. For registration, click HERE!!! 

    Friday, 13 October 2017


    I really recommend this Futsal Blog (Better Futsal Coaching) written in Italian by my friend Luca Innocenti. Luca played futsal for the Italian U21 National Futsal Team and his passion for the sport led him to write this blog, some futsal books and start different futsal projects to help its development.

    Please follow the link to visit his blog:

    Monday, 8 May 2017


    Dear Families,

    I am excited to share a great Futsal opportunity and family event put on by a local professional Futsal team, La Famiglia Futsal Club.

    Join The Burlingamer, Esparza FC and La Famiglia FC team members (many of whom are local youth soccer coaches), as they host an event offering futsal clinics for boys and girls followed by a Professional Futsal exhibition match for the entire family. 

    Clinic spaces are limited so register now!

    For more details, see flyer below.
    About La Famiglia FC:
    La Famiglia Futsal Club is the culmination of a family’s lifelong dream. Their ultimate goal is to bring beautiful, professional Futsal to the Bay Area, and along the way, provide outlaying communities with the opportunity to play Futsal and grow together through the sport. La Famiglia FC is a group of family members who all grew up playing soccer and futsal together in the Bay Area. Along the way they added their close soccer friends from over the years. La Famiglia FC is truly a family of soccer and futsal players, coming together to promote something special. They all love to play the game and believe it can be a great vehicle for peace, unity, diversity, community, and positive change.  

    La Famiglia played their first professional season in the Major League Futsal (MLF) as a new franchise team in 2016. They placed 1st in the Western Conference and made it into the playoffs, where they lost in the semifinals to a great opponent from Mexico (Knowens Futsal). La Famiglia also played in the 2016 Regionals and Nationals Tournaments reaching the Finals in both. In 2017 La Famiglia was runner up in the Pacific Rim International Futsal Tournament, playing against a Japanese international team (PSTC Londrina FC) in Hawaii and won their first major tournament at Regionals in San Jose beating Knowens of Mexico. The 2017 Major League Futsal season is under way and the team is growing stronger as they keep training and working hard.

    Saturday, 8 April 2017


    It is my pleasure to inform that again I will be collaborating with The Khalsa Football Academy. After the success that we had in September 2016, my good friend Bal Singh and myself decided to try to continue finding ways to develop futsal in England.

    This time it will be with a Futsal Coaching Course that it will be delivered on Sunday 9th April. We will cover the main tactical aspects of futsal. 

    Also, Monday (10th), Tuesday (11th) and Wednesday (12th) we will deliver a futsal camp for kids aged 11-15 years old. Both activities will be in Letchworth.  

    During the activities and the different sessions kids and coaches will be helped by FA Futsal National League players and England Futsal players.

    If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Friday, 10 February 2017


    Great futsal opportunity and family event put on by a local professional Futsal team, La Famiglia Futsal Club.
    Join La Famiglia team members as they host a Fundraising Event offering futsal clinics for boys and girls (2002-2005 birth years) followed by a fun Professional Futsal exhibition game for the entire family. Clinic spaces are limited so register now!
    When: February 17,2017 starting @4pm
    Session 1: 2002-2003 4-5:10pm
    Session 2: 2004-2005 5:10-6:20pm
    Exhibition Match kickoff 6:30pm
    Where: Cubberley Pavilion, 4000 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Costs: Clinic+Match $80 (includes training, La Famiglia tshirt, water bottle and 1 raffle ticket); Match only $5
    For more information contact:
    Call or Text: (650) 888-7086
    About La Famiglia FC:
    La Famiglia Futsal Club is the culmination of a family’s lifelong dream. Their ultimate goal is to bring beautiful, professional Futsal to the Bay Area, and along the way, provide outlaying communities with the opportunity to play Futsal and grow together through the sport. La Famiglia FC is a group of family members who all grew up playing soccer and futsal together in the Bay Area. Along the way they added their close soccer friends from over the years. La Famiglia FC is truly a family of soccer and futsal players, coming together to promote something special. They all love to play the game and believe it can be a great vehicle for peace, unity, diversity, community, and positive change.  
    La Famiglia played their first professional season in the Major League Futsal (MLF) as a new franchise team in 2016. They placed 1st in the Western Conference and made it into the playoffs, where they lost in the semifinals to a great opponent from Mexico (Knowens Futsal). La Famiglia also played in the Regionals and Nationals Tournaments reaching the Finals in both. The team is growing stronger as they train hard for the upcoming season and they are looking forward to traveling to Hawaii to participate in an international tournament with teams from all over the world. More about La Famiglia @

    Wednesday, 11 January 2017


    The full session with the individual graphs and explanations can be checked in LA WEB DEL MISTER. From Simply Sport, we would like to thank LA WEB DEL MISTER for sharing our sessions to the community.

    We strongly believe "sharing is caring" and the only way to improve is to share our experiences and knowledge.

    Thursday, 15 December 2016

    SIMPLY SPORT ON TWITTER Sport has its new Twitter account. The account started about 6 months ago, but it is now officially confirmed as the Twitter feed for Simply Sport. 

    The new account will help to spread out the publications published in our Simply Sport blog as well as publish futsal drills, comments, papers, researches, events... related with sport, physical education, exercise, physical activity, sport science, coaching, training, education, CPDs...

    Please follow us on: @SimplySport_DBF

    Friday, 2 December 2016


    I would like to thank "La Web del Mister" for publishing one of our futsal sessions delivered to our U8-U9 futsal players. The session was performed on the 30th November with the World United Futsal Academy team that will participate in Rocklin (California) in the US Youth Futsal Northern California Regional Championships and will travel to Barcelona (Spain) at the end of December. In Barcelona, we will have a futsal training camp at FC Barcelona Futsal and will participate in the World Futsal Cup 2016.

    The session has been published in Spanish and English and you have full access in both languages following the next link:

    Tuesday, 18 October 2016


    I am very glad to announce that I have been invited to deliver a futsal workshop with kids and a futsal coaching certificate in Bermuda. As Futsal Coaching Director at the World United Futsal Academy, I will travel to the islands at the end to October to participate in the events organised by our friend Peter Rickards. 

    World United Futsal Academy is commited to be the leading futsal organisation in the country, and again it has showed its commitment to the cause participating in these events. The Futsal Coaching Certificate Level 1 will be the third educative event after the one held in Palo Alto in August and the second one in Sacramento (September).

    Registration is open for the events. Please check the flyers below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

    See you all in Bermuda!!!

    Thursday, 8 September 2016


    On Saturday 10th September I will be delivering a coaching experience for my friends in Grimsby.

    Anyone: parents, managers, coaches, tutors  involved coaching children are welcome to come along and observe the sessions that I will deliver.

    Personally I would like to thank Kevin Bryant for his tremendous effort and dedication to put together this great event in the last minute.

    For more information about this event please check the next link or contact Kevin.


    James Radford is a futsal goalkeeper that played for me at Sheffield FC Futsal. He was the third choice, I have to be honest, but his attitude and desire to improve was inmense. Also, he knew that he had 2 goalkeepers in front of him and he accepted the situation but never gave up. He always helped the team, he was a team player as he showed in London at the Grand Finals 2013, when he travelled down to support the team from the stands... because he LOVES futsal...

    For his final year dissertation he decided to do a research about futsal in England. I participated in his research. Once it was done I helped him at the American Journal of Sports Science & Medicine to publish a paper from a baseline audit for futsal participation in England. Full article can be read here.

    Life moves on. He left Sheffield FC Futsal, but kept playing for a different team. Then I left Sheffield FC Futsal. He came back to play for Sheffield FC Futsal. We were rivals on the court now. He improved a lot as a goalkeeper. We kept our good relationship. He took a role with more responsability ath Sheffield FC Futsal at the same time he was playing. He is still in Sheffield FC Futsal. He is still working on developing the sport he loves. He is still James Radford. He is still my goalkeeper. Yesterday, he published an article entitled: "The Rise and Stall of Futsal in England". I would like to invite everybody to read his piece. It is really worthy. Well done James!!

    Friday, 2 September 2016


    Our free "1st World United Futsal Academy Futsal Coaching Workshop" Material has now been published in a completely FREE ePub thanks to the help of David D'Errico

    We would like to thank David for his hard work doing this compilation to give us the opportunity to have access totally free to the material presented in Palo Alto, California last week by Vava Marques (USA Futsal National Assistant Coach) and Dr Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno (England Futsal National Team Assistant Coach/Sports Scientist).

    The new ePub publication can be read following the next link:

    Also, the downloadable pdf version can be accessed in the following link:

    Finally, if you would like to host a futsal camp for players, a futsal clinic for coaches or any futsal event/exhibition do not hesitate to contac us. World United Futsal Academy is more than happy to help clubs, associations, teams... to develop futsal players and coaches. Check our website to find out phone numbers and email addresses.