Wednesday, 25 January 2012


In my third post I promised to share with you the new findings and the new version of the BATLOC tool. As I said before, the BATLOC tool was developed by me and Sergio Sánchez-Pérez “Pinzas” in the 2005/2006 season of a professional Spanish basketball team (Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada S.A.D.). The tool has been used in different teams in Spain (Baloncesto Fuenlabrada S.A.D., C.B. Granada and Fundación 6.25) and in the UK (Manchester Mystics Women’s Basketball Club, Leeds Carnegie Women’s Basketball Club, the North West Under 17 Women’s Basketball Squad, the Great Britain Under 20 Women’s Basketball Team and the BBL team Mersey Tigers) by me, “Pinzas” and Spanish S&C coach José Fernández. Most importantly, during the last years the tool has been modified, adapted and improved, and its final version and usefulness can be seen in my latest article.

This paper is the second one of my PhD articles. Only four to go now! It has been published in the Journal of Sport and Health Research, with ISSN 1989-6239, and its reference is:

Here is the abstract for your information:

An adequate training load is essential to achieve the best performance and avoid any injuries. Nevertheless, to control and monitor the training load in real time in team sports is quite difficult, since there is no easy, cheap or non-invasive method or tool. The simple software described in this article, created in Microsoft Excel, can be used to predict the training load and plan a proper periodization of the future training load during the pre-season and the in-season training phase in basketball.

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