Thursday, 8 September 2016


James Radford is a futsal goalkeeper that played for me at Sheffield FC Futsal. He was the third choice, I have to be honest, but his attitude and desire to improve was inmense. Also, he knew that he had 2 goalkeepers in front of him and he accepted the situation but never gave up. He always helped the team, he was a team player as he showed in London at the Grand Finals 2013, when he travelled down to support the team from the stands... because he LOVES futsal...

For his final year dissertation he decided to do a research about futsal in England. I participated in his research. Once it was done I helped him at the American Journal of Sports Science & Medicine to publish a paper from a baseline audit for futsal participation in England. Full article can be read here.

Life moves on. He left Sheffield FC Futsal, but kept playing for a different team. Then I left Sheffield FC Futsal. He came back to play for Sheffield FC Futsal. We were rivals on the court now. He improved a lot as a goalkeeper. We kept our good relationship. He took a role with more responsability ath Sheffield FC Futsal at the same time he was playing. He is still in Sheffield FC Futsal. He is still working on developing the sport he loves. He is still James Radford. He is still my goalkeeper. Yesterday, he published an article entitled: "The Rise and Stall of Futsal in England". I would like to invite everybody to read his piece. It is really worthy. Well done James!!

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