Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Either if you are a futsal coach, a futsal assistant coach, a futsal goalkeepers coach, a futsal sports scientist, a futsal manager, a futsal referee, a futsal fan or a simple futsal lover, you should check the next website: www.futsaltactic.es.

Futsaltactic.es, is an on-line meeting place for futsal coaches and fans. It was born in February 2013 with the objective of being a reference of CPD courses for coaches, instructors, trainers, S&C coaches, goalkeepers coaches and anyone interested in improving day by day and seeing first hand the work developed by the best futsal coaches in the world. In the technical staff section we can see people such as: José Venancio López Hierro (Spain’s Head Coach), Federico Vidal (Spain’s Assistant Coach), César Arcones de la Calle (Spain’s GKs Coach), or Dr Antonio Bores Cerezal (Spain’s S&C Coach); but the collaborators are lots and their quality is amazing.

In the last issue, I have been lucky enough because one of my exercises has been pubished. The task aims to improve the speed endurance (displacement speed, dribling speed, and speed of 1x1) in futsal players developing a 1x1 twice after a zig-zag sprint followed by a 2x0 in the other goal plus an optional defensive balance. Following the next link you will see my drill: CLICK HERE.

For more info they are also on Facebook and Twitter:

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