Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I am glad to announce that the Falcon Sport Mattress has been released. I have been sleeping in one of the mattresses during the last 6 months and I can corfirm that my sleep is deeper and my regeneration much better. Here you can read the complete endorsement of the Falcon Sport Mattress. Also, in the following link you can have access to the other endorsements published in the website.

I hold a Degree in Physical Education Teaching and a Degree in Exercise & Sport Science. I have also completed an MPhil in Sport Performance. In addition, I enjoyed a five-month research period thanks to a Research Scholarship at Manchester Metropolitan University, as part of my PhD programme, which I finished in January 2013 with the Thesis: “Body composition, fitness level and trainingload controlled through the BATLOC tool in female British basketball”.

Nevertheless, if academic education is essential, practical aspects are not less important. In relation to this, I already have some professional experience in High Level Performance athletics, cycling, tennis, basketball, football and futsal. My experience of athletics comes from the fact that I have been a runner since I was ten years old; I run for a Spanish and an English athletics club and very often participate in national races both in Spain and the UK. Regarding tennis, in Spain I worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the Aragonese Tennis Federation Sports Centre. As for basketball, I have also worked as a Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for several Spanish teams, emphasising Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada S.A.D. – an ACB League Basketball Team (higher basketball division).

Here in England, for two years I was the S&C Coach of the Manchester Mystics Women’s Basketball Club, Leeds Carnegie Women’s Basketball, and the North West Under 17 Women’s Basketball (Regional Squad Performance).  In addition I have planned, designed and carried out several personal training sessions for some England Under 18 Team, Great Britain Under 20 Team and Great Britain Senior Team female basketball players. Two years ago I also worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Great Britain Under 20 Women’s Basketball Team at the European Championship 2009. Since this autumn I am again working for England Basketball and Great Britian Basketball as a S&C for England U15 Girls Development Squad and the U13 Girls North West Regional Performance Centre.

Wishing to explore new fields, in 2010 I started to work as the S&C Coach for Manchester Futsal Club, and the next season I became the Goalkeeper Coach and Assistant Coach as well as the S&C Coach. Finally, since May 2011 I work as the S&C Coach for the England Futsal National Teams (both Senior and Development Squads). In addition, last spring I was appointed S&C for the England National Beach Soccer Team. For the season 2012-2013, I have been appointed Head Coach for Sheffield FC Futsal Club.

Finally, last summer I was also the S&C Coach Consultant for Gillingham Football Club (npower Football League 2) and Workington Association Football Club (Blue Square Bet North).

With all this background in high performance I know that elite athletes must train very hard to achieve their goals, but training hard is as important as to have a proper recovery; and sleep is an essential factor in the athletes’ recovery. The science has shown that with a proper sleep tennis players get a 42% boost in hitting acuracy during depth drills, sleep extension provides swimmers a 17% improvement in reaction time off the starting block, sleep improves split-second decision making ability by 4.3%, american football players drop 0.1 seconds off their 40-yard dash times by sleeping more, and a 20-30 minutes power nap improves alertness by 100%.

On the contrary, the scientific studies has also shown that a chronic sleep loss can lead to a 30-40% reduction in glucose metabolism and an 11% reduction in time to exhaustion, 2 days of sleep restriction can lead to a 3x increase in lapses of attention and reactivity, the maximum bench press drops 20 lbs after 4 days of restricted sleep and perceived exertion increases 17-19% after 30 hours without sleep.
The Falcon Sport Mattress has been clinically proven to provide unbeatable pressure relief for its user.
Therefore, with all the scientific evidence athletes should schedule proper recovery time and sleep to ensure optimum performance.

Athletes will recover better from injuries if they sleep well and the choice of mattress is paramount for comfort and support. Not all mattresses will meet up to the demands as an aid to recovery.

But a Falcon Sport Mattress has been designed with those needs and requirements in mind to help you get a deep sleep providing recovery and regeneration necessary to perform consistently at a high level.

So I conclude that my endorsement of the Falcon Sport Mattress is based on my knowledge of the Sports World and the ability of an expertly designed mattress to achieve a truly restful and restorative night's sleep.

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