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Dr Markus W. Laupheimer.
Here is Markus I am the Doc for the England Futsal Team and I worked with Daniel since few years now and he asked me to write a few lines for the readers of “Simply Sport”.

If you want to know about me, here you have my profile:

One of my interests are Tendons, for this reason I thought that I will start with a few lines on tendons. Most tendon problems you get, especially playing futsal are achilles or patella tendon problems. These can be often chronic and quite difficult to treat. Symptoms can be pain after exercise and morning stiffness.

Ultrasound analysis and injections under way.
Ultrasound image with the Achilles Tendon and a needle.
To establish a diagnosis you need an Ultrasound. Establishing the diagnosis is most important as you can then start a special rehab programme. Next to the rehab programme I offer a form of injection called “high volume injection” in my clinic. This is a form of injection which should “strip” away unwanted blood vesseles around your tendon, some people also say it loosens adhesions. Therefore, my advice is if you have any tendon problem see someone who knows about these problems as there are several therapies which could help! Which would mean you can take control and improve your physical performance and get back to full health. That’s all for now guys.


Keywords: Knee pain, achilles tendon pain, patella tendon pain, high volume injections, ultrasound.

Chan O, O’Dowd D, Padhiar N, Morrissey D, King J, Jalan R, et al. High volume image guided injections in chronic Achilles tendinopathy. Disabil Rehabil 2008;30(20):1697–708.

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