Sunday, 29 July 2012


Another great day for English Futsal. Today, the research “Fitness seasonal changes in a first division English futsal team” has been released in the African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences.

Here is the whole reference and its abstract: 
Futsal is a high intensity, intermittent sport in which accelerations and short sprints are performed at maximal or almost maximal intensity, interspersed by brief recovery periods, during a relatively long period of time. The aim of this study was to analyse the fitness development of the players of an English futsal team within a 36-week period. The futsal players significantly improved their performance of the areas of flexibility, agility, agility with ball, lower body power, aerobic endurance and VO2max. The speed performance was not modified during the whole season. The analysis of the results showed that the periodization, training sessions and methods used during the pre-season and the in-season were adequate, since the performance of all the players improved for all the tests, except for the speed test.

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