Monday, 27 February 2012


When I decided to start to write this blog my main objective was to share everything related to sport. Some months ago Paco Cachinero had a fantastic idea: organise online meetings about his sport, futsal. So far, he has organised three and I have had the fortune to participate in all of them. That fact gave me an idea: Could I try to organise something similar in England? My idea is to plan specific meetings about a great range of topics in different sports with good speakers. And there we go...

Therefore, I would like to announce publicly that the I “Simply Sport” Seminar had place last weekend. The topic for the first meeting was “Defensive basic principles in futsal”, and had place on Friday, 24th February 2012, in the England Futsal Camp held in Northampton. In this first online meeting the attendance was strictly by invitation. I played like a moderator, and the keynote speaker was Ignacio José Garrido Gallego “Nacho”. Nacho is currently the head coach of a Spanish female futsal team: Roldán Fútbol Sala Femenino, and was a professional futsal player playing in teams such as ElPozo Murcia or Minguez-Saez FS Cartagena. The participants were the whole technical staff of the England National Futsal Team and some coaches of national futsal clubs. The main advantage of this kind of meetings is that participants do not have to travel or move away their home. Therefore everyone can be at their home and share voice, chats and presentations thanks to a free software. The only needs are to have computer with speakers and microphone, and internet access. If you would like to participate in the next online meeting about futsal or other sport just email me.

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